Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Homeopathy - Medicine or Magic

Below is a link to a very interesting BBc documentary from the 1990's on homeopathy. It questions how it might possibly work which honestly seems implausible when you look through the lense of our present day understanding of science and the way in which we think nature and energy operates. I find it very curious that in India, a country that embraces a wholistic model of health quite naturally, and which does not have a problem understanding that we are all esentially spiritual beings, is now leading in the use, development and understanding of this 200 year old medical system with ease and flair.

The film was recognized by the British Medical Association as being of such high quality that they gave it their "Medicine in Media" Gold Award, the highest they offer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

About me and Ayaruna Healing

I have created this blog site to share my ever expanding understanding of the nature of health and sickness from the perspective of how energy works. I am committed in my work as a healer to bring about a positive healing response through the use of primarily, homeopathic remedies, (my tool of choice), because they are gentle, non-toxic, safe, profound and free from side effects.

I believe that successful homeopathic treatment penetrates the core of one’s being, releasing the spiritual block that is the stem on which disease grows. Freedom from disease in the homeopathic sense for me, not only alleviates suffering, but in the process contributes to emotional maturation and the freedom to pursue the highest goals of our existence.

In addition to my commitment and passion for homeopathy I also work with people using various forms of breathwork which I believe is a powerful spiritual tool for both healing and personal transformation.