Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fasting for Health and Happiness!

For me, fasting is such an important spiritual and devotional practice and one that takes a warrior's will to embark upon and courage to endure. It somehow seems to halt a restless internal clock and allows for a reconnection with the more subtle energies. As the digestive system is given a well earned rest and opportunity to heal, the body softens, time becomes expansive and spacious, thoughts and actions more mindful and meditative and the breath, the source of all inspiration, becomes the prayer and mantra.

I've recently returned from a detox retreat with Sura Detox in the lushness of Devon, a treat to myself for my 50th birthday.  I've fasted in various different ways before but this was my first time with a group of people in a semi-structured setting and daily DIY colonics (yep!). Suffice to say the retreat was beautifully held by Dao and the team and as a group of twenty we worked very well together finding solace in each other when we needed to. There was release and discharge happening on all levels, as we cleansed our minds, emotions and spirit, as well as lightening up our bodies. I slept and dreamed deeply. I thought about food a lot! I treated myself to some great massage and bodywork to help me, and I read, played on my sitar and wrote in my journal. I relish such days as I am reminded how it is to be nourished without eating. Each day there were also inspiring talks, debates and discussions on nutrition, food and politics as well as gentle yoga and Tai Chi. I came and went as energy directed as I relaxed and surrendered to the flow that always guides me anyway when I'm wise enough to get out of my own way. Altogether, the experience was perfect!

Freedom from eating and being around food somehow peels away at the layers of routine and habit, exposing the rawness and reality that lie behind the safety cushion of fat and the masks behind which we hide from one another. Fasting enables one to journey into the shadow, to those places that otherwise feel too tender to touch. The more I could look, and be a silent witness, the lighter I felt and the less hungry I grew!

As a healer, I always feel more empowered and blessed after a fast.
I am re-booted!

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