Saturday, April 13, 2013

Re-birthing Breathwork

Re-birthing breathwork utilises a conscious, rhythmic breathing pattern in order to release mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks to happiness, creativity and well-being. It is also known as conscious connected breathwork or integrative breathwork and was established by Leonard Orr in the 1970's who proposed that life’s biggest traumas can be healed through this practice, the ultimate disturbance being the birth trauma (at which point the first breath was also taken).

Conscious breathwork supports the principal that the root of pain in the physical body is emotional disharmony. During the breathwork process the energy (prana or life force) which is drawn into the body in large quantities will automatically congregate at the area which is blocked or in physical pain and as a result of this increased energy many physical ailments can be shifted through consistent use of this conscious breathing therapy.

The rebirthing process is safe and gentle and takes about two to three hours in a supportive environment with a trained re-birther who guides the process so that negative suppressed thoughts which create tension, unhappiness and dis-ease can be dissolved allowing us to replace them instead with thoughts of self-esteem and love.
I was raised on yoga and pranayama as a regular practice at home, so I naturally approach the Breath as a vehicle for a deep connection with the Divine as well as a direct experience with one’s true self. I trained on Breathwork for emotional release under different teachers from the USA, Mexico and Austria and my exploration and fascination for this incredible healing tool finally led me to my Re-birthing Guru, Minood from India under whose guidance I experienced my most profound transformation. I now live and work in the UK and combine the Breathwork I do with shamanic journeying.
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